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Eco Light

The Eco Light is the direct successor to our ECO 2 model. We completely redesigned the frame making it lighter due to the use of aluminum tubes. The shock absorber system is made up in the rear by two flexible ergal bars and the front wheel is equipped with our E.T.C. elastic system. The center of gravity has been lowered increasing stability in takeoff and landing. The wing connection point is on the same attachment point as the pilot’s harness and on the same axis as the tank for this reason it remains very stable even in turbulent conditions. The pilot positioned behind the passenger, in direct and visual contact with the glider maintains control in all phases of flight. The attention paid to all these details makes this a safe, fun and user-friendly craft. The torque effect caused by the propeller has been improved by optimizing the geometry between the wing attachment points and the center of thrust of the motor. The 160 cm propeller on all three engines ensures the best performance between level flight and maximum thrust. It is a working trike with the pilot behind the passenger suitable for tandem flight to share unique excitement with pilots and friends. Recommended for intensive use for sightseeing flights.
187 cm
222 cm
148 – 195 cm
117 kg with RMZ 500
Aluminium frame with steel cradle and front fork
Comfort seat
Engine type
Vittorazi Cosmos 300, RMZ 500, Rotax 582
Propeller size
150 cm
Propeller rotation
Propeller rotation
Weight max pilot + passenger
110 + 100 kg
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