The centre of gravity has been decreased and the chassis has undergone a thorough overhaul to improve takeoff and landing stability. As the glider’s connecting point coincides with the location of the harness attachment, it is always stationary, even in turbulence.

By altering the shape of the sail attachment locations, the propeller twist impact was also lessened.
It is equipped with a 160 cm propeller to provide strong thrust.

The available engines are the Vittorazi Cosmos 300, Rotax 582, and RMZ 500 belt reduction.

With RMZ belt reduction, the weight is 117 kg when it is ready to fly.

In order to increase the use and safety of the system, we have also added a number of useful improvements.

The manual version of the ready-to-fly paramotor weighs 25.6kg and has a 130 single-circle frame.

Engine   RMZ 500 2 stroke twin 500 cc  Rotax 582
 Cooling   Forced air Liquid cooled
 Power   50 HP 64 HP
 Carburetors   2 carburetors mikuni 2 carburetors Bing
 Starting of the engine   Electronics Ducati Electronics 
 Gear reduction unit   Belt reduction 1:2,6 Helical teeth in oil bath with 1:2,58 / 1:2,62 reduction ratio
 Starter   Manual or Electric and manual  Manual or Electric and manual
 Exhaust    Expansion with a cylindrical silencer Expansion with a cylindrical silencer
 Fuel   Mix 2% Mix 2%
 Propeller rotation   Anticlockwise Clockwise
 Weight   117 Kg 

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