Paramotoring Training

No physical fitness is required to enjoy the adventure sports. Its easy, enjoyable and loved by all.

We currently train about 100 students per year, and while training time varies from student to student, it generally takes 7 to 10 days to go from zero to hero. We work hard to ensure that students are safe and confident in their PPG skills so they can launch, maneuver and land their paramotors skillfully without assistance or challenge. Emphasis is placed on safety from the beginning, along with fully understanding the rules, regulations, physics & complexities of the sport.

Our Company

Wouldn’t is be wonderful to see the nature’s beauty from high up above from the third dimension. 

Our training includes many in-depth courses to learn the ins and outs of powered paraglider flying, maintenance, and ownership. We pride ourselves on having an extremely in-depth, industry leading syllabus! You will be taught the fundamentals of weather, glider design, airspace, federal regulations, motor maintenance, and many tricks of the trade that would take years to learn on your own.

Our program is tailored to each student’s aptitude, but always conducted in groups, as learning with others not only makes the course a heck of a lot more fun, but also maximizes the learning opportunities for each member of  the class. Course slots are limited so as there is at least one instructor to every two students. We’re currently booked out far in advance so we recommend you contact us as early as possible for course availability.

Our Team

Our leadership has vision to make a difference by linking right people at right time in most engaging way. We believe with this approach a lot can be …

Capt. Akram Khan

Mechanical Engineer
APPI International Pilot
MicroLight, PPG Tandem Trike
Professional Pilot

Maun Khan

Paramotor Pilot
APPI International Professional Pilot. He has been flying with RushToFly for 4 years and continues to spread the joy of flying among his passengers.

Nayyum Khan

Paramotor Pilot
APPI international
Professional Pilot.
He has been flying with
RushToFly for 5 years now.

Samoon Khan

Paramotor Pilot
APPI International Pilot
PPG Tandem Trike Pilot
He has been flying with RushToFly for 3 years now.

RushToFly Enjoyable Paramotoring Joyrides

The magical experience of powered paragliding, with it’s unmatched passion and outstanding professionalism, is making these joyrides a memorable, safe and enjoyable experience for all.