ECO 2 is a Trike to high performances. The Rotax 503 engine with a propeller 160 cm generates a pushed maximum of 150 kg and thanks of the propeller of remarkable dimension its push remains good also to the low regimes of the motor guaranteeing a flight levelled with a remarkable fuel saving and one contained noisiness. The ECO 2 is particolary adapted to the schools of flight for didactic flights and tourist flights in single and double quantity and in the best of the confort.

Eco 2 KIT

Rush to Fly proposes

the Trike Eco 2 also in kit version. The kit of mountage includes all the pieces for the cage mountage and a detailed manual of instructions. The engine and the propeller are not included.
On this cage it is possible to fit the Rotax 503 and 582 and further engines compatible with the supports.